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Adapters are available on request at the reception desk.

You can adjust the temperature of the air conditioning according to your wishes thanks to the control box located at the entrance of the room.
Please note that the air-conditioning mode is activated according to the outside temperature and is generalized in the whole hotel. It will not be possible to switch to heating mode when our program is in air-conditioning, and vice versa when we are in heating mode.
A general remote control is available at the reception desk, so if you need help to set up the control, we remain at your disposal to adapt the program to your comfort.

If you have any food intolerances, please let us know so that we can adapt and personalize your breakfast and room service.


A bed for a child under the age of three is available. It can be prepared prior to your arrival if you have requested it when booking, or on request at Reception (9).

We have a bar on the ground floor with a wide range of hot and cold drinks. We are also pleased to be able to offer you wines and other drinks. Please have a look at our menu or ask at the reception.

If you would like a beauty treatment from your room, an appointment can be arranged with a make-up artist, manicurist, masseur or hairdresser. Please do not hesitate to ask the reception for the desired service (9). Working with service providers, these services are subject to availability and must be booked in advance.

Activity on a rainy day ! We offer board games for young and old. Available in our lobby, feel free to help yourself. Available games: Chess, Backgammon, Domino and Morpion.

The books on the shelves in the Lobby are available for you to enjoy downstairs as well as in your room.

To make your stay as enjoyable as possible, a buffet breakfast is available from 07:00 to 11:00, at a rate of 20.00€.
You can enjoy this service in your room on a continental basis.
An offer adapted to gluten-free food is available on request and for your comfort, we advise you to let the reception know as soon as you arrive so that you can anticipate when you sit down to eat.


In order to charge your mobile phones, tablets, PDAs or games consoles, a selection of chargers is available. You can contact Reception to specify the type of charger you wish to borrow (9).

Room facilities are available on request, when you make your reservation or by contacting the reception desk (9). A bed for a child under the age of three and a highchair are available.


The exclusive decoration of your room has been given special care in every detail. Do not hesitate to ask the reception if you wish to know more about the pieces and fabrics that adorn your room. Also, if any of these items are inadvertently damaged, le Grand Hotel Chicago will be obliged to pass on the damage to you.

Departure is free of charge until noon. If you wish to leave your room after the usual time, you can ask the Reception for the conditions of late departures according to our possibilities.

The hotel has three fully equipped rooms for people with reduced mobility. In order to facilitate mobility, if necessary, we offer the loan of a wheelchair, a crutch or the installation of a vibrating pad alarm clock free of charge.
In order to make the use of the bathroom safer, a shower chair can be provided.

If you need a medical consultation urgently, you can contact Reception who will contact SOS Doctors. Our teams can also collect your prescriptions from the pharmacy. For superficial injuries, bandages and antiseptics (9) are available.
The doctor's travel expenses will be paid by our guests and the hotel cannot be held responsible for the amounts.

Dogs are welcome at the Grand Hotel Chicago. We can provide dog bowls for your four-legged friend if required.

If you do not wish to be disturbed, you are invited to inform Reception so that your telephone calls are not transmitted to your room in order to preserve your peace and quiet.
Similarly, the card on your room handle will restrict access to our teams responsible for the maintenance of your room. We would like to remind you that as the cleaning service is only available between 9.30am and 1.30pm, it will be difficult for us to reschedule the service.

If you'd like to add an extra duvet to your sleeping arrangements, we can bring you an extra one. For those allergic to feathers, we offer an alternative with a cotton filling. Please ask at Reception (9)


In the hotel rooms, you must insert your key card into the electrical box at the entrance to your room to operate the lights. All electrical outlets in your room are powered 24 hours a day to charge your electrical appliances.

As we embark on an ecological transition, we rely on you and your efforts to reduce our environmental impact and waste management.
We try to serve products without packaging at breakfast, and we have selective sorting bins at the reception. If you would like to contribute to waste management, please do not hesitate to ask the reception to recycle your waste.
In order to preserve the environment, we invite our guests staying at the hotel for several nights to put down on the floor each day only the towels that the chambermaids have to change. This small gesture helps to reduce the planet's water consumption.
We are committed to the environment and water conservation. We have low-flow equipment in the bathrooms to reduce consumption. We encourage you to use towels responsibly through our reuse program.


On arrival, please read the fire and safety instructions posted in your room and in the corridors. It is suggested that you find out which emergency exit is closest to your room.
In case of an alarm, the meeting point is located at the reception and if necessary an evacuation point has been decided on the right at the emergency exit opposite 99 rue de Rome.

If you would like to send flowers or have the pleasure of receiving them, Reception (9) is at your disposal to send or receive bouquets and vases.


A hairdryer is available in the bathroom.

Your room is equipped with a central heating system: you can adjust the temperature of your room at your convenience from the air conditioning control panel located at the entrance of your room.
Please note that the heating mode is activated according to the outside temperatures and is generalized in the whole hotel. It will not be possible to switch to cold mode when our programme is in heating mode, and vice versa when we are in air conditioning mode.
A general remote control is available at the reception desk, so if you need help to set up the control, we remain at your disposal to adapt the programme to your comfort.

For the comfort of our youngest guests, a highchair is available on request so that baby and parents can enjoy breakfast in the best conditions. For the comfort of our youngest guests, a high chair is available on request, so that baby and parents can enjoy breakfast in the best possible conditions. We can also provide a folding bathtub for your baby.

Your room is in the care of a chambermaid. By hanging up the "Do Not Disturb" sign, you are telling her not to interfere. Should you run out of products or require our services, you can also contact Reception, who will do their best to arrange for our housekeeper to intervene.


If you wish to iron your clothes, an iron and ironing board can be provided in your room (9).


If you share a room, you can ask Reception to give each occupant their own key card. In addition to access to your room, this key card also activates the power supply in your room, once it is inserted in the switch located at the entrance. This card key must be removed from the switch when you leave the room. In order not to affect the operation of this switch, it is also required that no other item than your key-card is inserted.
Please note: It is imperative that you have your key card with you as it allows you to enter at any time by passing it over the reader at the entrance and also gives you access to the floors via the stairs and/or the lift.


You will find a bag in the closet of your room. You will find a bag in the dressing room for this purpose. You just have to bring this bag and the duly filled in form to the reception. The service will be carried out within 24 hours, i.e. your linen will be returned the next day. An express service with a 25% surcharge will enable you to collect your linen in the evening if it is dropped off at reception before 10am.

We keep lost and found items for a period of 1 year. Shipping costs will be borne by our customers. After this period, it is thrown away or made available to the finder. For reasons of hygiene, this rule does not apply to intimate apparel.

Your luggage can be collected from your room on departure: just contact Reception (9)
During your stay, if you would like your luggage to be stored in the hotel's luggage room, please contact Reception. You can also leave your luggage for an early arrival or a late departure. The reception is at your disposal.
Dial directly (9) From your room to dial with the reception desk.


All mail and parcels received for you are kept at the reception and will be handed over to you on your arrival or return. If you wish, they can also be brought up to your room (9).


All areas of the Grand Hotel Chicago are non-smoking, both in the rooms and the lobby. We ask you to respect this rule for the comfort of all. Failure to do so will set off the smoke detectors and cause a fire alarm.
Furthermore, in the event that tobacco odours are detected in your room, the hotel will be obliged to have your room cleaned and deodorised by an outside company, which will be invoiced to you for a fixed amount of €350.00.


Extra pillows are available. If you're allergic to feathers, we have some in cotton. You can ask the reception for your choice of comfort (9).UMBRELLA
Please ask the reception for information on the weather. The hotel provides umbrellas at the reception. And if you like this umbrella, it is also available for sale at the reception desk (9) for €12.

To contact Reception, dial 9.
To call outside, you must dial 0, then :
- the 10-digit French telephone number (starting with 0) for all calls in mainland France.
- 00, then the country code + the area code + your number for all calls abroad.

If you wish to photocopy a document, you can ask at Reception.

If you wish to print documents, you can send your file to the following address: Your printed documents will be kept at your disposal either at the Reception or delivered directly in an envelope to your room according to your request (9).


In order to provide you with the best possible service, your opinions and comments about the Grand Hotel Chicago are essential. We would be grateful if you would complete the questionnaire that will be sent to you after your stay.


For the preservation of our environment, we have set up a selective sorting system available in the lobby. If you wish to participate, please let us know at the reception desk and we will dispose of your waste bins according to their nature.

Feeling hungry ? Our reception is ready to offer you meals in your room between 6pm and 10pm. A menu is available at the reception desk (9)


To protect your valuables, your room is equipped with a safe.
In the case of a large amount of money or a precious object requiring special attention, we advise you to bring it to the attention of the management, who will then be able to keep it in their safe for greater responsibility and security.


He reception will be happy to assist you in booking outside services.


If you wish to be called for your alarm clock, you can contact the Reception the day before to transmit the time of your choice (9).
A special alarm clock for the hearing impaired.

We are committed to the environment and water conservation. We have low-flow equipment in the bathrooms to reduce consumption. We encourage you to use towels responsibly through our reuse program.
Filtered water taps and reusable glass water bottles are available in your room. We offer still or sparkling water. The deposit is €15 per bottle. You have one bottle per room. You can have them refilled by asking our staff at the reception.

Complimentary wireless internet access is available in all rooms and throughout the hotel. The code is Chicago1928.

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